I live for moments like this!

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Tonight on the way home, Emily (4 years old) commented on the half-moon in the night sky. I asked her to tell Daddy why we could only see part of the moon.

Emily“because there isn’t light shining on it all”

Hubby“How did you know that?”

Emily“Mommy told me. After we got home from the park yesterday, she pretended the jar of powder was the sun, the apple was the earth and the squash was the moon. “

Me“so how did that work?”

Emily“the sun stays still and the moon and the earth move around”

So smart! It’s amazing how much they absorb!  Then, she said “I’m going to go to the store and get a sticker that says Good Teacher and give it to you because you teach me so good. It will have GOOD on the top and TEACHER on the bottom with a little pink heart!”

THAT is the reason I feel so blessed that we were called to homeschool!   The feeling inside when your child tells you that you are a good teacher just cannot be described with words!’

I live for moments like this!

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